School: Evergreen Middle School

Street Address: 2059 Hiwan Drive

City: Evergreen

District: Jeffco Public Schools

Phone: 303-982-5032

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School Library Website URL:

Growth Plan:

Annual School Library Growth Plan

Date: 2-19-15 School Librarian: Debbie Richards School: Evergreen Middle District: Jefferson County

School Improvement Plan Goal (SIP)
EMS will use systemic practices and differentiated instructional strategies to increase reading growth and maintain achievement in Reading.
HESLP Target area (which area would you like to improve upon and WHY?)
Work within the school-wide culture to foster curiosity in student and
staff learners by providing a variety of innovative formats to teach,
enrich and expand critical, creative, and independent thinking.
Reading development is strongly tied to the school’s goals.

I am targeting this area for growth due to its alignment to our Schoolwide UIP growth goal of focusing on reading development
My SMART goal which is worded to show alignment between SIP and HESLP Target area
  1. 1. 1. I am focusing on area #3 (Leadership). I am specifically focusing on #10 -Curriculum Development Advisor as I work in conjunction with my administration to implement school-wide goals to integrate technology and information literacy effectively across all curriculum areas.
  2. 2. 2. Information Literacy is not only a 21st Century Skill and NETS expectation, it is also nested within the ELA curriculum. I have created a Schoology course that I am co-teaching to all eighth grade Language Arts students which includes expectations surrounding research skills (effective search skills, evaluating website/resources, creating bibliographies, digital footprints and Internet safety).
My Strategies/Indicators for carrying out my SMART goal
I started with a pre-assessment for all eighth grade Language Arts students which provided baseline data. This data provided understanding about students’ understanding of research skills necessary to answer their essential question. We agreed upon the learning target which is answering an open ended essential question using effective research skills while verifying the accuracy of the information collected. Their final product included a presentation using their choice of a technology tool to share their new learning and answer questions about their project.
My Partners
8th grade Language Arts teachers (both General Education and Gifted Education teachers)
MEASURABLE EVIDENCE of Leadership, instruction and/or collaboration
I have worked with 8th grade Language Arts students this trimester during their Research unit. We have incorporated Information Literacy skills as they completed an inquiry based project which began with their free choice of an essential question. This personal choice assignment promoted engagement and created an environment which allowed students to display their knowledge in variety of ways. The research process they followed

Post Assessment shows great growth in student understanding of research skills. The presentations also gave students a wonderful opportunity to self-assess and evaluate their peers and both give and receive feedback.

This project was a wonderful learning opportunity for all parties involved this year. In the past years, we have completed a similar project with our GT students and realized that this was a great opportunity to expand the project to all students. One of the biggest “Ah-has” I experienced was seeing the advanced proficiency level of research and presentation skills in students who had previously had this opportunity. This clarified the need to expand research and inquiry projects as we seek to reinforce the idea that inquiry is a natural part of learning.

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School Unified Improvement Plan Goal (UIP) Goal
Evergreen MS will use systemic practices and differentiated instructional strategies to increase reading growth and maintain achievement in Reading.
HESLP Target area (which 1 or 2 areas would you like to improve upon and WHY?)
#3 – Instruction – this area fits well with our overall goal of increasing the use of systemic reading practices
My SMART goal which is worded to show alignment between UIP and HESLP Target area
I have partnered with our eighth grade language arts teachers to create reading and writing intervention which we are providing as a pullout program during our advise time. Students have been grouped due to identified need and each teacher plus our Instruction Coach and Teacher Librarian are working intensively with their own small group in ongoing basis.

In conjunction with the Language Arts department, we have created posters for all classrooms with systemic language about reading strategies (predict, infer, summarize, compare/contrast). This allows all teachers and staff to use the same language with students as we seek to maintain our reading achievement. I have also added a page to our website titled “Rams Read”. This page will continue to grow as a place to share reading strategies, reading suggestions, book reviews, literacy resources, and tips for parents. This allows parents to continue with the same academic language with their children.
My Strategies/Indicators for carrying out my SMART goal
Continuing to work with the strategies we have in place for intervention and continuing to add to the resources offered on our website. I am also working on an app that all interested parties can access on mobile devices so they will have 24/7 information at their fingertips.
My Partners
Language Arts teachers, administrators, parents, students
MEASURABLE EVIDENCE of Collaboration, Leadership, and/or instruction
My partners in this project have energized and continue to add new ideas and resources. Our school leadership is excited about the progress and par
We are expecting to see our instructional strategies result in increased growth in both our reading and writing scores.
This is a work in progress but so far, the forward momentum has been positive and I see great growth potential.

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