School: Martinez Elementary School

Street Address: 6460 Vickers Drive

City: Colorado Springs

District: Colorado Springs School District 11

Phone: 719.328.6124

Email Address:

School Library Website URL:

Welcome to the Mustang MILL--the Martinez Information Literacy Lab!

The MILL is the very heartbeat, the very pulse of our school. As an elementary school teacher librarian, I am passionate about teaching and learning alongside our staff and tudents. Together, we embark on all types of projects using personalized learning skills to use and evaluate information, plan, create and implement project based learning experiences. We discover the depths of the written word and explore the world around us--literally and through cyberspace. We are all learning together in this fascinating time of discoveries with no boundaries in the electronic universe!

Check out the MILL's webpage to learn more about our mission and our school community's focus on leadership, positive behavior as well as living and embracing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.