Highly Effective School Library Program 2014-2017

School: Golden High School

Street Address: 702 24th St

City:Golden, CO

District:Jefferson County


Email Address:cdemeyer@jeffco.k12.co.us

School Library Website URL:


Culture of Collaboration:

GHS has a collaborative instructional environment where all students experience multiple co-taught lessons in many different content areas throughout the year. Each year Teacher Librarian, Christy DeMeyer runs her library orientation through Jeffco's online learning management tool called Schoology. Students accessed her online course, viewed content and completed tasks online. Our students and teachers embrace technology and are excited to leverage its power for higher level thinking and inquiry. She strategically collaborates with Freshman teachers so that by the end of Freshman year, students have experienced at least 2 sometimes 3 collaborative lessons. By Junior and Senior year students at GHS are learning to do in-depth research, create multimedia projects, utilize new Web 2.0 tools, and become college or career ready. The library is integral in this mission as Students working.jpgwe teach those 21st Century skills and embed them into all of the content areas.
Christy also works to empower teachers to try new things using technology. Teachers are jumping onboard with blended learning and utilizing the power of Google, Schoology, and other web 2.0 tools to deliver content and provide timely feedback in new ways.

GHS Library is also a really fun place to hang out.
Tons of new YA lit, a welcoming atmosphere, and great people make the library a really popular place.

Students know that if they need help -whether it is finding a book to read for ACE, learning how to insert a header in a paper, or gathering resources for the next big research assignment- they can come to the library and we will take good care of them!

Here's a great example of what our Earth Science students are working on this year!

Cocoa and Cram session before finals. Teachers and students worked together and had a great time studying.